All perspective members must complete the application form. (download application here)

All perspective members will be evaluated by the Head Coach or his appointee to determine if he/she has a working knowledge of his/her firearm. The perspective member must show they can operate the firearm safely at all times. After the evaluation, if it is determined that the applicant needs improvement, it will be suggested that the applicant seeks additional training. Additional training is available through Oaktree Gun Club, shotgun shooting clinics hosted by the California Junior Claybreakers (see calendar for dates & times), other gun ranges, and/or a certified instructor. Referrals will be provided if requested. Evaluations are conducted at the end of scheduled practices or by appointment with the Head Coach of the California Junior Claybreakers.

After a perspective member has submitted an application and has successfully completed the safety evaluation, the Head Coach can give the perspective member permission to start participating at the scheduled practices. The Board of Directors will review the application at the next scheduled board meeting. Board members will then vote to accept said applicant into the California Junior Claybreakers.

All members of the California Junior Claybreakers must complete and sign a “Code of Conduct” annually. Additionally, dues will be collected quarterly, (Jan, April, July and October. Fees are currently $120.00 per quarter).

Upon completion of all the above mentioned items; application, evaluation, acceptance by Board, signed “Code of Conduct” and receipt of dues, the applicant will be granted membership in the California Junior Claybreakers.